A private plant medicine ceremony is for everyone who is willing to look at themselves, who wants to make real contact and learn from their own full potential.

For anyone who gets stuck in life and wants to move forward, but also for those who long for spiritual growth and develop their consciousness. The plant medicine helps you to get out of your mind and feel real, feel who you are and make contact with the source.

Tailored to you

You don’t just do a session with this plant medicine. It requires dedication and safe guidance. Especially for people who do not want to do their first time in a large group or for people who did not like the group experience, I offer Private Ceremonies. One on one, with all the attention for you and totally tailored to you.

This also means that we adjust the amount of plant medicine for your needs. I work with micro dosages in shorter sessions or you can even start without the plant medicine.

You don’t just do a session with this plant medicine. It requires dedication and safe guidance. During a private ceremony everything is tuned to your personal trip. We can start with a tobacco ceremony, where I help you to get grounded and make your body more receptive to the plant medicine. Because we work one-to-one, you experience your very own journey. In a group you can be distracted by the people around you, you will not be bothered by that in a private session so you can sink much deeper into your own process.

What is a plant medicine?

Plant medicines are an age-old remedy for the soul. A plant medicine ceremony makes it possible to make a deep inner journey that can support you enormously in your life. It helps you with insights, awakening, healing of the past or pain in the present and to develop more self-love. The plant medicine is an entheogenic (= in contact with God) drink that has been used by the people in the Amazon for thousands of years. It is known for its strong healing and visionary powers for body and soul and has gained enormous popularity in recent decades.

If you are willing to travel deep within yourself to your subconscious mind, to deal with your problem at the core, then the plant medicine can bring about fundamental changes in a short time. You ‘re-program’ yourself. The plant medicine goes further and deeper than any other therapy and helps with the transformation process on physical, psychic and soul level.

During a private ceremony you can be confronted with your fears, uncertainties and traumas. You can improve points in relation to yourself, and in relation to people you love. It may be that nausea, vomiting or diarrhea occurs during the trip; this is part of the cleaning process. But it certainly does not have to be that way.

In addition to remedying your complaints, you also develop a different vision of yourself and your situation with the plant medicine. As a result, you end up experiencing life differently. You get physical healing, release negative beliefs, get in touch with your life goal. You become more creative and happier.

The ceremonies are suitable for anyone who wants to take a step forward in personal development and awareness. For those who are willing to work on themselves and take responsibility for their own lives.

Shorter session with Micro Dosage

For people who do not want to do a ceremony directly but want to experience what plant medicine could do for them, I also offer Micro Dosage sessions. These are sessions where you get a very small amount of plant medicine combined with a cranio sacral session. This allows you to get into your body faster and therefore within yourself and your desires. Another advantage is that this session takes less time (about 2-3 hours) and after that you do not have to spend a long time recovering. And you can also repeat these sessions more often or, for example, do so set sessions.

Practical information: these Micro sessions last 2-3 hours and cost € 250, – for this session we also first have a telephone intake interview  which is free of charge.

Meeting Yourself Without Plant Medicine

For those who find plant medicine a step too far, I offer Cranio Sacral sessions. You will be brought into contact with your body and yourself without any medicine. A session in which you learn to connect with your soul and the cosmos. Finally, I will give you some tips and daily exercises that help you to get in touch with yourself and your desire.

Practical information: these Cranio Sacral sessions last 1 hour and cost € 85, – including the personal intake for the session.

It was not the beautiful journey that I thought I was going to make, but a very confrontational journey about the early years of my life. Things that I actually did not want to see anymore, but were presented once and mirrored again. It has given me many insights and I have literally and figuratively been able to release an emotional blockade. I feel stronger and more powerful now. I will definitely do another session, which I know will also heal a lot of me, so that I can leave this behind me permanently and can continue without ballast. Sophie offers a very safe and pleasant environment, in which you feel free to let happen what needs to happen at that moment. Grateful!


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