Join us on a Dolphoin Trip!

2 – 9 July 2023

For a week, we will be looked after on the “Sea Dream” a luxurious and comfortable boat with delicious food and drinks.

The Sea Dream is about 29 metres long and 8 metres wide, has 4 floors, and is fully equipped (including air conditioning). There is plenty of space to do your own thing, and also to retreat to when you feel the need.

Lower Deck

This is where the sleeping cabins are located.

Each ‘cabin’ is equipped with two separate
single beds and a simple bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

Of course, you can also choose to spend the night in the cool outdoors under the stars.

First deck

From the corridor with sleeping cabins, walk up the first deck via steps. Here is the cosy lounge (indoor area) with dining tables, seating and a coffee and tea corner. When you walk outside, you are on the covered outdoor deck, which occasionally spontaneously turns into a dance floor. 😉

Behind this, at the back of the boat, is the platform from where you can take steps or simply leap into the sea.

Second deck

This is a spacious shaded deck where it is lovely to lounge on the many benches and mats.

The ideal place to reflect, relax, sleep under the stars, and gather with the group for a sharing session, meditation, or singing during sunset.

At the front of the boat, this deck offers a nice quiet reverie spot in the sun.

Third deck

This is a spacious sun deck with beautiful views over the Red Sea and reef.

Also a fine spot for meditation, or sleeping under the stars, or just being in silence with yourself.

The Crew

The crew team consists of eight friendly Egyptians (including captain, chef, salon manager, technician, zodiac drivers and snorkelling instructors), all qualified and experienced. They are there for us all week with love, humour and dedication, making sure we lack nothing.

The boat has two zodiacs (motor boats) with steps. With these, we will visit the beautiful reefs and of course the dolphins, when they are not near the boat. While swimming, we will be accompanied by our two experienced snorkelling instructors.

I want to join!

Food and drink

The chef conjures up a delicious, varied and extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet every day. Vegetarian, meat or fish. There is something for everyone. In addition, he surprises us daily with a delicious sweet or savoury ‘four o’clock snack’.

Snacks, tea, coffee, water and soft drinks are unlimited and available all day. There is ample drinking water on board and various water tap points. We ask everyone to bring a drinking bottle to fill, so that we contribute a little to the environment.

We stay in a high-frequency area. For respect of the dolphins we interact with, our trips are alcohol-free.

In short, everything is taken care of! You don’t have to do anything or think about anything. You can let the peace and tranquility happen, be present in the moment, and enjoy the beauty around you!

What else?…

As soon as we board, we take off our shoes and spend the rest of the week bare feet. This is partly to avoid slipping. A wonderful feeling of freedom!

Electricity and wifi

There is electricity on board. In your cabin or in the saloon, you can get by with ‘normal’ plugs (220 volts).

In port there is still wifi or mobile range, but as soon as we are at sea and the reef, the range is unreliable and virtually non-existent.

So a week without internet. That might take some getting used to, but you’ll find it’s a great gift. No distractions, 100% time for yourself, totally present in the now and the beautiful surroundings.

Phone numbers can be passed on to those back home for emergencies.


The only time you may get seasick is during the round trip to the reef. This depends entirely on your sensitivity to it and the wind direction and strength during the 2 1⁄2 to 3-hour cruise.

Of course, you can always take a travel tablet to be on the safe side for the most comfortable trip possible. Find a spot outside in the fresh air and lie down, or look at the horizon.

Once in the reef, the water is calm and protected from high waves. Sturdy ropes hold the boat in place. Seasickness hardly happens once we have anchored in the reef

Space on the boat

Many people wonder about the difficulty of spending a week on the limited space of the boat.

Anyone that took this trip and that had the same question before departure will tell you that they have not experienced a single moment of feeling confined.

The four floors of the boat and the beautiful expansive view actually gives the feeling of space and freedom. Everyone will be able to find their place to enjoy each other and the peace and quiet.


Day 1

Departure from Brussels or Amsterdam to Marsa Alam. 

Book your own flight with  TUI Fly:

Outbound: Sunday 2 July Brussels – Marsa Alam departure 13.15.

Price approx €200/250€ (depending on time of booking)

Return: Sunday 9 July Marsa Alam -Brussels departure 19.15. 

Price €200/250€ (depending on time of booking)

Once we have landed we will be taken by minibus (with air conditioning) to Hamata marina (± 2 1⁄2 hour drive), where we will board the Sea Dream immediately.

Depending on the time of arrival, usually in the evening, we will be welcomed with a (light) meal. We install ourselves in our cabins and spend the first night in port.

Day 2

Once the permits are issued, the boat sails off as early as possible to the Sataya “dolphin reef”.

After about 3 hours of sailing you will notice the beautiful turquoise lagoon, in the middle of the dark blue sea. Here we anchor and spend the rest of the day enjoying the beauty of our new surroundings.

We receive instructions from our snorkelling instructors on “life on board and in the water”, as well as the most appropriate way to consciously and respectfully approach the dolphins in their environment.

We take time to get familiar with our snorkelling equipment, and with any luck, we will swim with the dolphins as early as that afternoon.

Day 3/4/5/6

We stay on the boat in the magnificent reef. The rhythm of the day is partly determined by the presence of the dolphins. When they have returned home from their night hunt on the open sea, we are sometimes in the water with them before breakfast.

We usually swim with the dolphins several times a day.

Besides these magical encounters, there is plenty of space to enjoy the beautiful corals, the contact with each other, the delicious food, the sun, resting, lazing, reading, playing games, being creative, slowing down, stilling, being.

You are completely free to follow your own flow and do everything at your own pace. No musts, everything is allowed.

Day 7

In the morning, we enjoy the dolphins for a while. After lunch, we leave for a beautiful uninhabited sand island near the port. We can still snorkel and enjoy the sea here, and spend our last night here.

Day 8

Today we say goodbye to the dolphins on our last dive in the Red Sea.

After breakfast, we leave for the port. Depending on our flight times the van will take us directly to the airport.

Sounds like fun!


Snorkel gear

You have to provide your own mask, snorkel and fins (flippers).
Test beforehand whether your mask fits well and does not let any water in!

An Easybreath (mono) snorkel mask is also possible but you cannot dive with it.

It is possible to wear lenses while snorkelling. It is also possible to get goggles with prescription lenses in them.

Besides your swimwear, you can bring a wetsuit or shorty. This is not necessary, but especially if you get cold easily, this can be a good option.

The water temperature can still be chilly, especially if you spend longer in the water. If you do not use a wetsuit, for sun protection it is ideal to swim in leggings and/or sports shorts or swimming trunks up to the knee. A t-shirt is recommended to protect yourself from the sun. On the boat, everyone will receive an orange swimming cap for use during the week, which the crew can use to recognise us in the water.

Snorkelling experience

If you have little or no snorkelling experience, it is highly recommended to practice in the pool or take a few snorkelling lessons. It is nice if you are already familiar with breathing through a tube, so that you can immediately join in when the dolphins invite you. You will then not lose precious time and energy practising, and can fully enjoy the beautiful underwater world.

In the sea, of course, it is different from in the pool. Where necessary, we and the two Egyptian snorkelling instructors are on hand to help you
become comfortable with breathing and swimming with fins underwater.

On the first day, we receive clear instructions from our snorkelling instructors on how to swim pleasantly and respectfully with the dolphins together and during our visits the coral reefs.

Diving and freediving

It is not possible to dive (scuba diving) during this trip. Diving among dolphins is not possible anyway, as the dolphins do not like divers.
However, it is possible to dive by yourself (without oxygen cylinder), or ‘play’ underwater, like you used to dive to the bottom of the pool.

This is also known as ‘freediving’, if you really make a sport of it. This is always at your own risk. For those familiar with this: there are some (lead) weights on board to put on your belt/strap.

Insurance, vaccinations, passport and Covid


You must take out cancellation and travel insurance yourself.
Travel insurance is compulsory. Please note: Egypt is covered by Europe.

Cancellation insurance is optional, but we strongly recommend it.
In both cases, pay close attention to the conditions of your insurance company.

For instance, check what is and is not covered in case of covid19 (this is not an ‘unforeseen illness’).


For Egypt, you must have a valid passport. This should be valid for 6 months after the date of return (no passport photos required).

An ID card is only valid for Belgian travellers; you should then bring two passport photos for your visa.

At the airport in Egypt, buy a visa for your stay (± €25).


No vaccinations are required for Egypt. Should you want to protect yourself as a precaution, contact your local health authorities.

Take into account that we are hardly ever on land and in the kitchen everything is done with mineral water (washing, cooking).

There are no mosquitoes or other insects at sea. Therefore, we can sleep outside without protection.


It is possible for anyone to travel to Egypt, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.
Currently, neither the Netherlands, Belgium nor Egypt have any measures in place for travelling.

This may, of course, change again. We will keep an eye on the situation and inform you about the state of affairs for your particular trip.

In case a PCR test is required for unvaccinated people for the return flight then this will be arranged on board.
You can also keep an eye on the situation yourself by checking your local government websites. 

Your Investment

The guide price for this trip is €1350* excluding airfare.

Flight tickets will be booked by everyone personally. This also makes it possible to go earlier, for example, or stay longer in Egypt after the trip, should you wish to do so.

Don’t book tickets before you get the green light from us!

Travel costs (of €1350*) include:

  • Transfers by minibus between Marsa Alam Airport (RMF) and Hamata Marina.
  • Port and reef taxes.
  • Accommodation on board the Sea Dream with a 2-bed cabin to share.
  • Guidance from two certified snorkelling instructors.
  • Hearty and varied meals, unlimited mineral water, snacks and drinks (non-
  • Guidance and inspiration from Sophiah and Solveigh.

This amount does not include:

  • Flight (or other transport) to Marsa Alam (RMF) in Egypt
  • Transport to and from the departure airport.
  • The usual tip for the good and dedicated care of the crew at the end of the trip, target amount starting from €50.
  • Visa for Egypt, which you buy at the airport a circa €25 (payable in cash on the spot).
  • Possible cost of day stay resort on return day €35 (depending on flight times).
  • All costs for food/drinks/souvenirs at the airport and mainland.
  • Your snorkelling equipment (goggles/mask, snorkel and fins).
  • Your travel insurance (compulsory) and cancellation insurance (optional and highly recommended).

* Price is subject to possible price increases which we cannot foresee at the moment.

I know enough!

To book this trip please complete the form below.

After completing the form I will send you a link with the deposit payment to confirm your booking.