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Everyone has problems sometimes, and we struggle to find answers to that nagging question in the back of our mind. Sometimes we simply feel uncomfortable with ourself, or we have problems at work or in our relationship that we wish we could solve. You know the answer is within you, you just don’t know how to get to it.

If you feel anxious or uncertain but can’t put your finger on why you feel like this, it can be the result of an unprocessed trauma or experience from the past. Many people don’t even know what experience they had that makes them feel so restless today. That in turn causes more uncertainty and you feel there is no way out of this feeling.

How do you get to that inner voice that will show you why you feel the way you do? How do you make peace with your past experiences so you can move on with your future self?

The answers is very simple sometimes, but you need to be prepared to take a journey into your deepest subconsciousness to solve the problem at the root and reprogram yourself so you can make better decisions and make the most of your beautiful life.

Not only will Ayahuasca resolve your negative thought and worries, it will also make you a different person that looks at life from a different angle. You will feel better and in some cases, negative thoughts will completely disappear.

It is time to take charge of your life and start having more fun living it. The solution to break free is within you, and we will guide you to find it so you can live a free and less constricted life from today onwards.

If Ayahuasca calls you …… maybe you notice that Madre Ayahuasca is visiting you more often. You may encounter people who already had an experience and suddenly you feel that it’s time for you to get a ceremony. Go only when you feel it’s time. Feel what suits you to take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony. The ceremonies I accompany are in a safe comfortable setting and are a one on one safe and comfortable experience.

I work in the Netherlands and Spain with different therapists so that there is also a follow-up course.

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