Sacred Medicine Retreat Mexico

Ayahuasca Bufo, Psilocibine, Soundhealing, Yoga
Experience profound healing at our Ayahuasca retreat in Akumal, Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Just 60 minutes from Cancun, immerse yourself in pristine beauty and privacy. Enjoy Ayahuasca ceremonies, Bufo Alvarius, Psilocibine, yoga, meditation, and more. Optional activities include visits to Tulum Pyramids and cenotes. Your journey, your choices – we offer unwavering support and respect your sovereignty. Payment process: Reserve your space now for 200€ 1st of August you pay 50% of total amount Remaining balance is paid cash on arrival

Practical Info:

What’s included? • Safety screening and medical advice. • Private consultation • Ayahuasca Ceremony (1 Evening ceremony) • Bufo Alvarius Ceremony (1 Session) • Guidance for ceremony preparation (physical/mental/spiritual) • Traditional Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) ceremony (1 day) • 6 nights accommodation in a gorgeous private estate • Chef prepared, highly nutritious meals every day • All food and drinks during the retreat is included including the food during our organised outings. • Daily Yoga, Soundhealing and Meditation • 1 on 1 support when needed • Massage (on demand) • Cacao/Psilocibin and Soundhealing celebration (traditional Mexican chocolate) • Airport pickup (to and from) • Visit to Cenote • Visit to the pyramids of Tulum

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Additional information

When receiving the medicine, an extraordinary neuro-physiological reaction takes place. The medicine initiates an electromagnetic expansion in the brain, where the pineal gland will secrete a large amount of DMT, as well as neurotransmitters such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, triptamines and melatonin.

This creates a state of consciousness where the illusory duality and separation of the ego is instantly dissolved, to reveal the infinite light and unconditional love of universal consciousness.

Allowing this recognition of our true nature is the start of the journey back to the heart of the human experience, a beautiful process of remembering who we really are, before mind, time, space, separation, traumas, and the programming and conditioning from our social and cultural circumstance.

In a state of absolute unity with totality, the observer and the observed and the perception of separation in the relationship of subject-object dissolves into oneness. This liberating dissolution initiates a process of deep release of energetic blockages that have been registered and stored in our bodies throughout our lives, blockages caused by behaviors and decisions taken through the ego-mind that tend to edit and censor the natural expression of energy.

Any point of view, whether spiritual or not, that denies, resists, or in any way does not accept things as they are actually happening in the present moment comes from the duality of ego. A point of view that receives, accepts and integrates the whole exactly as it is, comes from unity or non dual consciousness.

Feel, trust, relax and surrender into yourself.