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Bufo and Breathwork Retreat

Join Leonie and me for this 2-day extra-ordinary life changing event in Coin, Andalusia. Airport Malaga.

Find peace within yourself to cultivate the life of your dreams.

If you’re feeling stuck and burned out and you’re ready to experience life with a fresh perspective, then join us for a Bufo retreat where you will come away with peace and clarity.

There are mountains as far as your eyes can see, and instead of the usual rumbling and beeping of traffic you hear sounds of life. Birds singing, the wind rustling through the palmtrees, stars at night in the sky, you feel connected to everything.

Your body is infused with calm, and for what seems like the first time in a long time, your mind feels quiet and still as well. You feel the unity between your mind, body, and soul.

You feel at peace.

A Bufo Alvarius retreat in the Andalusian Countryside.

On this retreat, through the Bufo Alvarius ceremony with experienced plant medicine healer Sophiah Aliyah and Leonie, you’ll experience the clarity and peace that comes from searching deeply within.

During your retreat in the Villa , through bufo alvarius ceremonies, breath work & Sound Healing, walking in nature, and non-judgmental community, you will find parts of yourself that you lost in the grind of normal life, so you can return home feeling relaxed and purposeful. 

You’ll experience the profound healing that comes from intentional use of the bufo alvarius in combination with the Breath & Sound Healing sessions, and benefit from the the peace and calm that comes after for months or even years to come.

I'm ready for profound healing...

Info about the bufo ceremony

When receiving the medicine, an extraordinary neuro-physiological reaction takes place. The medicine initiates an electromagnetic expansion in the brain, where the pineal gland will secrete a large amount of DMT, as well as neurotransmitters such as endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, triptamines and melatonin.

This creates a state of consciousness where the illusory duality and separation of the ego is instantly dissolved, to reveal the infinite light and unconditional love of universal consciousness.

Allowing this recognition of our true nature is the start of the journey back to the heart of the human experience, a beautiful process of remembering who we really are, before mind, time, space, separation, traumas, and the programming and conditioning from our social and cultural circumstance.

In a state of absolute unity with totality, the observer and the observed and the perception of separation in the relationship of subject-object dissolves into oneness. This liberating dissolution initiates a process of deep release of energetic blockages that have been registered and stored in our bodies throughout our lives, blockages caused by behaviors and decisions taken through the ego-mind that tend to edit and censor the natural expression of

Any point of view, whether spiritual or not, that denies, resists, or in any way does not accept things as they are actually happening in the present moment comes from the duality of ego.

A point of view that receives, accepts and integrates the whole exactly as it is, comes from unity or non dual consciousness.

Feel, trust, relax and surrender into yourself. 

NOTE: No alcohol, weed, medications, anti depressants are allowed before receiving the medicine, participant need to sign an informed consent before participating and will have an intake conversation prior to the event.

Breathwork session & Soundhealing.

Sound is everywhere. It is in us and around us.  Everything is energy, vibration. Soundhealing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different instruments, even the voice as in mantras. It creates healing vibrations around and in the body. Sound is universal and it’s a language which we all understand. Sound vibrations impacts the physical and energetic body. You will become in a meditative state helping release emotional trauma and relieve stress and anxiety. 

Sound and vibration travels trough every cell of your body
This is a physical and energetic concert for body, mind and soul. You will release emotions, cortisol, increase endorphins, lower down your brainwave because of binaural beats, increase sleep quality, boost immunity. Relaxing for your whole system.

We are going to combine soundhealing with conscious connected breathwork. We will breathe 50 minutes in an active way without a pause. We leave our comfort zone, out of the mind. We use our body to discover, achieving an altered state of consciousness. Tap into another brainwave. Where we find information in our subconsciousness. Where we can feel our inner power.

Normally we use only 20% of oxygen, don’t live in the present moment and breath shallow trough the chest and now we going to inhale the most of oxygen and breath to our diaphragm to activate our parasympathetic nervous system and our vague nerve. Which is the communicator from our gut feeling. We create change in our brain, chemical changes in our blood. I will use music to create a transcendent experience. At the integration phase I will play with my soundhealing bowls where we can surrender and let go.

How it works

We will hold our ceremonies inside or outside in the garden (depending on the weather).

The First day:

10.30 am- 7pm arrival.

We will create a schedule before the retreat. We advise to come in earlier to calm the mind and get in tuned before the ceremony.

There will be Bufo ceremonies all day and whilst you are waiting you can meditate, swim in the river, rest or sleep.

Bring your journal, sunscreen, your swimsuit and comfy clothes. 

You have to keep an empty stomach and are allowed to eat after the session. There will be fruit and snacks for after the session.

In the evening we will have a vegetarian meal.

The Second day:

09:00- 10:00: Breakfast
10:30- 12:30: Breathwork & Soundbath session
13:00: Hugs & Goodbye

We feel honoured and blessed to see you. Don’t take life too serious : live and receive.

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About The Bufo Alvarius Retreat in Spain

I can confidently tell you that Ayahuasca, Bufo and Healing have saved my life and helped me intentionally heal trauma from the past as well as navigate life’s difficulties today.

It has opened my mind and my soul, and made me a happier, better person. Bufo Alvarius is a beautiful medicine, and I am so honored to share it with those who are ready for its life changing magic.

As for our healer Sophiah she was a therapist for over 20 years in her native country of Holland, before trying Ayahuasca herself after a difficult period. She was so moved by the experience that she has devoted her life to bringing this powerful medicine to those who need it.

Her style of work is guided by instinctive love energy, and she has the experience and natural gift of helping us as we undertake this internal journey. Each of you will have an intake conversation with Sophiah so that she can understand your needs and answer any questions you might have about the journey.

Bufo , Breathwork & Soundhealing

Your itinerary

Day one;

Day two:

Besides the ceremonies, we will have some organized activities that you can choose to participate in.

Rest is a valid option here, if that is what you need.

Some things we will organize will include:

  • Breathwork
  • Sound Healing
  • Bufo Session
  • Hike
  • Swimming in the river


The purpose of this retreat is to connect deeper with yourself. You will be welcome to go with your flow throughout the weekend.

Bed & Board

All meals are included, see below for more details

Delicious, Nourishing Food

Bufo Alvarius requires a special vegan diet that doesn’t contain tyramines, which are compounds found in fermented foods.

During our retreat, our host Frank will create delicious and healthy meals that will allow us to nourish our bodies as well as our souls!

The diet is important for safety reasons, and you will want to adhere to it for at least the week before the retreat.

We will furnish you with a guide of what you can and cannot eat, as well as recommendations for traveling comfortably with this diet.

This is a life changing experience

Let go of frustration by surrendering old and unhelpful baggage

Experience true rest and relaxation, leading to clarity and purpose

Reconnect with yourself and nature with the power of plant medicine

Relax into trust in a supportive group setting

Breathe and expand in a beautiful, safe environment

By the end of this retreat, you will have learned how to relax, let go of past hurts, and gained the tools to better handle the challenges in your life from a calmer, more centered place so you are clear on exactly what you want and need to bring yourself everyday peace and joy.

What’s Included:

Not included:

Let's Do Bufo Alvarius in Andalusia

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Your investment : 399.-- euro

Price based on 2/3 people sharing 1 tent

We feel honoured and blessed to see you. Don’t take life too serious : live and receive.

About Your Spiritual Team

Sophiah Aliyah

Sophiah is our ceremony leader and your spiritual guide for this weekend.  She is a compassionate healer with decades of experience as a therapist and medicine woman. She has shared the Jurema plant medicine with hundreds of individuals since 2015 and has trained to administer Ayahuasca with Shamans in Mexico. Recently she was trained by her Shaman to serve the Bufo Medicine. 

Working with Plantspirits have opened portals to different realms and she is grateful to share her experiences with you. She is guided by the medicine and gets messages which she will use as a tool to guide you through your experience with love and the caring hands of a Grandmother.

Her speciality is in integrated bodywork, including extensive experience with Craniosacral therapy, birth and dying processes.

She will lead our ceremonies and provide you with a support call before and after the retreat. For any questions regarding plant medicine, she will have the answers.

Sophiah is from the Netherlands and spent years living in Uk, Greece and Spain. Today she lives in Holland where she shares plant medicine with pilgrims from all over the world, and spends time with her children and grandchildren.

Leonie Schuurman

Sound Healer, Breathwork facilitator, Masseur

It’s a soul which connects people together. She is a free bird as a sound healer, masseur, make-up artist, a singer, breathwork facilitator, but most importantly, she wants to create a safe space where people can show their vulnerability and feel lighter afterwards. She believes in energy and  the self healing power from the body using movement in any form to release and have more insight.

Your Healing Journey Starts Today

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