Who am I?

Sophiah Aliya

From childhood I feel a deep connection with nature and I am touched by the healing power in every living being. I experienced the spirit of plants during my first Ayahuasca session, it hit me on the cellular level and did not let go of me. After many years of working with mother Ayahuasca I have witnessed many miracles and beautiful transformations with pilgrims that where seeking for help. Plantmedicines work deeper than ordinary therapy and can be used to help you take the next step in life.

The way in which you look at yourself, at others and at the world can change spectacularly in a positive way after one or more Ayahuasca ceremonies. You are more powerful and more conscious in life. Old problems and negative thought patterns will be less prominent or even completely disappear. Ayahuasca can be enlightening, but also very confrontational and challenging.

Since 1990 I have been working as a body-oriented therapist. Themes around intimacy, sexuality and shadow have my special attention. I use body awareness as an entrance to the deeper layers of our experiences.

After many years of personal development and growth, I chose to work together with Ayahuasca, actually, she chose me. Ayahuasca released me from my deepest trauma and it continues to give me an innovative look at myself and the Cosmos.


  • Sport and intuitive massage, spa de Schouw, Peter Schoutens, Noordgouwe.
  • TA/NLP Trainer, professional communication Post HBO register training
  • SPHBO registration number 92912-93010 Phoenix-opleidingen Utrecht, 3 year training.
  • Training systemic working, Phoenix Utrecht.
  • Couples therapy, Phoenix Utrecht.
  • Craniosacral therapy PCSA Bussum, 4 year HBO. Registered A-therapist.
  • Craniosacral Biodynamics, Franklin Sills, Bussum.
  • Cranio and Lactation, Erma van Dijk, Bussum.
  • Newborns and children, Etienne Peirsman, Bussum.
  • Cranio and the Immune System, Ingeborgh Teeken, Bussum.
  • Cranio sessions in the water, Ludo Deferme, Willebroek.
  • Cranio and Mouth, eye and ear work, Etienne Peirsman, Bussum.
  • Medical Knowledge SHO registration number 114442103592
  • Plato attainment targets, energy school Den Bosch.
  • Mortality counseling PCSA Etienne Peirsman Bussum
  • Volunteering in Hospice
  • Ayahuasca facilitator training. Joop van der Hagen, Groningen.
  • Bufo Alvarius trainer course, Mexico.
  • Registered therapist Scag.