Below you will find some references from others about the guidance and experiences of a private ayahuasca session.

"I was literally standing over a 200 ft high bridge in the twin of Rhonda, in the early hours of a Sunday morning. With zero sleep and years of failure on my shoulders I was trying to find the courage to jump, and erase the pain, and myself from the planet. I had been cheated by friends, family and loved ones, and had no fight left in me. I had overwhelming guilt for my child and what I would leave behind. This made me stop and suddenly a thought came to my mind – a friend once told me that if any person about to commit suicide just tried Ayahuasca instead, then suicide would not exist at all. I could not think of anything else. I looked on my phone for Ayahuasca retreats near me and 5 minutes later I was speaking with Sophie. She immediately took control of my situation and requested that I get in my car and be safe. We spoke for what felt like hours. It was unbelievable that she was approx 30 mins away from me. She insisted that we speak every day and guided me towards how to prepare for her forthcoming retreat. This gave me enormous strength and purpose. 3 days later I was at the retreat. The experience was completely life changing. The medicine provides the closest thing to Magic that must exist on this planet. I left the retreat completely re wired and full of Love for myself and my life. I cannot believe any amount of counselling or conventional drugs could ever even come close to being this effective. This experience was literally out of this world, and Sophie provides the most caring and responsible attention imaginable, before, during and after the ceremonies."
"Ayahuasca is a medicine for me that helps to get into deeper layers in our consciousness in surrender and trust. Back to the core. You may see your own patterns / fears that you no longer serve and that obstruct you with your highest good. For everyone personally to experience this beautiful medicine plant ... The aftercare and integration is extremely important. Sophie took care of that. I am very grateful for our connection and that I have been able to experience a safe environment during my journey. A week later I did cranio, this was new for me. A method to feel your own body and find out what's going on. Soft movements and pressure points at the head, neck, back and chest. Especially in my ears and chest I felt space and energy released. After the treatment I felt warm energy through my body waves. It is felt that it does its job, and that our body has its own subtle wisdom. I'll definitely return!"
"I did a number of sessions with Sophie. Before the first session took place, I received an extensive intake and nutritional advice. I was very curious what the Ayahuasca plant would mean for me and went in with an open mind. Sophie's guidance is always top-notch. I would never do such a personal journey in a group, always individually because it would be disruptive and distracting to me with others around. Everyone has their own journey ... Sophie was constantly there during the session and supported where necessary. For me it has always been a nice experience with deep insights that often only completely integrated a few days later. The individual guidance of Sophie is really great!"
Woman, 45 Years
"It was not the beautiful journey that I thought I was going to make, but a very confrontational journey about the early years of my life. Things that I actually did not want to see anymore, but were presented once and mirrored again. It has given me many insights and I have literally and figuratively been able to release an emotional blockade. I feel stronger and more powerful now. I will definitely do another session, which I know will also heal a lot of me, so that I can leave this behind me permanently and can continue without ballast. Sophie offers a very safe and pleasant environment, in which you feel free to let happen what needs to happen at that moment. Grateful!"
"Ayahuasca retreat is an important step in spiritual people's journey, I imposed myself many years of learning and gathering preparatory information to feel and fully asimilate this amazing experience into my daily life; I had an amzing experience with Sophia she guided me in an easy way, if you are familiar with shamanic practices you can feel if the guide or shaman is influenced by miths superstitions or religious programming, Sophia is free from all this negative vibrations, which mean the healing experience is personal and involves your own vibrations; setting intentions is an important step when using medicinal brues, I encourage my spiritual friends to set humain intentions as selflove, healing and balance in your lives first, the spirit of Ayahasca will take it from there and show you what you need accordangly."